Qapqa offers integrated solutions for Pipeline construction- and Fabrication challenges. By managing all project interfaces and becoming the single point of contact, the full-scope approach reduces both cost and risk for our clients.


Pipeline welding is a skill in its own right and requires careful preparation. It could traditionally only be done by experienced, properly trained professionals, particularly considering the often difficult conditions and the need for an absolutely reliable and consistent weld quality. Qapqa’s solutions however enable even low-skilled workers to operate its automatic welding equipment, and produce excellent welds at high productivity, after having received the appropriate training.

With our vast experience, in-depth knowledge and sophisticated products, we are able to deliver solutions that meet project needs, no matter the complexity, and fit perfectly with the current pipeline integrity requirements. The high safety requirements of today with regard to the environment and society, increase the use of higher quality materials (e.g. DSS, Inconel®) in pipelines.
Qapqa has successfully completed several sour gas pipeline projects in the Middle-East where these types of materials were used.


The success of large-scale construction projects, such as cross-country oil-, gas- and water pipelines, depends, among other things, on the efficiency with which pipe spools and other components have been prefabricated in fabrication facilities (fabshops).

So the challenge of many fabshops is to achieve high efficiency and consistent quality; this requires experienced and highly qualified welders and it is often difficult to find them. Moreover, failure to meet increasingly stringent international quality standards will result in a high level of repair, at the expense of productivity.

To falicitate this challenge Qapqa offers a fabshop design ‘from the inside’ to achieve an optimal logistic flow without restrictions due to existing dimensions. By using the right automated equipment and installations, clear procedures and measures, a modern, efficient and safe production environment can be designed. The use of user-friendly equipment makes it less important to deploy highly qualified personnel at every location. If desired, Qapqa can deliver the entire fabshop turn-key, together with its design- and construction partners.
This clever solution to a major industrial and economic problem could create sustainable employment for local, low-skilled workers in many countries and improve existing manufacturing methods, quality, productivity and profitability in a safe way.