Do you need a specialist in orbital welding? Qapqa offers integrated solutions for all orbital welding challenges. Qapqa has been able to realize orbital welding solutions for various customers all over the world. Orbital welding is a completely automated GTAW welding process, which is mainly used for the welding of round pipes and conduits. The quality of the welds made with an orbital welding system are very high. Orbital welding is suitable for round pipes, conduits and a large number of round objects connected to these. Orbital welding has a number of benefits compared to other welding processes. The most important benefit is that the orbital weld is of extremely high quality and consistency. Qapqa can meet the increasing demands of orbital welding requirements.

Orbital Welding Training

We train people locally in order to master all aspects of orbital welding. This is a part of the complete package of products and services we offer. A major benefit of this is, that employees without experience are shown, how to operate their automatic welding machines in order to master orbital welding. This ensures that the people involved can work independently on a project while upholding the quality.

In-Depth Knowledge

We are capable of offering solutions, that meet all the requirements of the project, regardless of its complexity. Orbital welding is a complex process, for which proper knowledge is extremely important. Qapqa has this knowledge and can use this for your project in order to gain the maximum results.

The Benefits of Orbital Welding by Qapqa

- Completely automated process
- All knowledge of orbital welding is present
- High quality standards
- Quick answer to increasing demand
- We offer in-house orbital welding training or onsite

Who are we?

Qapqa Group, formerly known as the Magnatech Group in Dronten, The Netherlands, specializes in the design of high-quality integrated solutions for automatic pipe welding. Whatever we do – whether it’s in our engineering activities, our products or our services – we always strive to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. For more than 25 years Qapqa has operated around the world. The family company has rapidly developed itself, currently in more than 80 countries, as a trusted provider of welding solutions for both fabrication applications and pipeline construction.

Learn more about Orbital welding?

The possibilities of orbital welding are diverse. Our experts are happy to tell you what Qapqa can do for you. Please contact us to make an appointment, without obligations.