We at Qapqa are international experts in pipe welding. The solutions are extremely diverse: Pipeline welding, but also pipe spools or solutions for on-site tanks. Qapqa helps clients to manage all welding aspects of a project, and thus minimizing costs and risks. .
We always strive to meet our customers' needs and to exceed their expectations in all our engineering activities, products or services. The services can go as far as comprehensive welding project supply packages, EPC packages, turnkey plants, or introducing of potential contractors. Do you want us for field welding? Please contact us.

What is field welding?

Field welding is the comprehensive concept in which welding takes place outside 'in the field' under extreme circumstances. Think of hot temperatures (50 degrees in the desert, to -50 degrees freezing). Field welding is part of a complete pipeline tender and includes welding for projects outside the usual circumstances and situations..

About Qapqa

Qapqa Group, formerly known as the Magnatech Group in Dronten, The Netherlands, specializes in the design of high-quality integrated solutions for automatic pipe welding and field welding. For more than 25 years Qapqa has operated around the world. The family company has rapidly developed itself, currently in more than 80 countries, as a trusted provider of welding solutions for both fabrication applications and pipeline construction.
Quality is about satisfying clients’ needs and expectations, which encompasses all value chain processes intertwined with QHSE, people and execution. Qapqa is ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified since many years. We believe that excellence in quality allows for long-term, sustainable business. Qapqa is committed to keep its quality policy updated, to maintain its management system, and continuously improve its performance..

The advantages

- High quality & productivity
- Consistency in quality, and execution
- Over 25 years of experience in over 80 countries
- All knowledge of field welding is present at Qapqa
- Local content development

Want to know more about Field Welding?

If you have questions about the possibilities of field welding, please contact us. Our experts will be glad to tell you more about our way of welding.