Welding Tractor

Qapqa has its own series of pipeline welding tractors, within the industry also called paywelders. The paywelder is specifically intended for the process of welding pipelines. It is a track-driven vehicle that can move the welding equipment, generator and tent through extreme terrain. The paywelder is a multipurpose tractor designed as an auxiliary vehicle for automatic welding systems and other applications. It is equipped with standard steel tracks – has the option to be equipped with rubber tracks, among other optional flexibility upgrades. It generates electric power, compressed air and hydraulic power to drive all machines executing the project.

Increasing Efficiency of Automatic Pipe Welding

The paywelder is the perfect solution to increase the efficiency of automatic pipe welding on a pipeline. We look for the right solution to reach the optimum productivity in any given environment. The paywelder plays an important role in this and is indispensable within a pipeline project. By using the paywelder, a lot of time is saved, and work can be carried out about four times faster..

The Characteristics of the Paywelder

- Efficient movement
- Proven world-wide
- Saves time
- Fully automatic welding
- Can weld with or without copper 'shoes'

About Qapqa

Qapqa Group, formerly known as the Magnatech Group in Dronten, The Netherlands, specializes in the design of high-quality integrated solutions for automatic pipe welding and field welding. For more than 25 years Qapqa has operated around the world. The family company has rapidly developed itself, currently in more than 80 countries, as a trusted provider of welding solutions for both fabrication applications and pipeline construction. The company has implemented safety practices which includes encouragement to personnel to reduce and prevent risks. We carry out a number of actions such as hazard identification and risk assessment, implementation of safe practices, technological improvements including training and certification to raise awareness among employees.

Want to know more about the paywelder?

Would you like to learn more about the paywelder? Go to the product page for more specifications and details about the Paywelder. Or contact one of our experts. We will be glad to tell you what the Paywelder can do for your project.