Pipe Spools

Qapqa is the specialist in providing automatic welding solutions for pipe spool fabrication for over 25 years. With our extensive experience, in-depth knowledge and advanced products, we are capable of offering solutions that meet the project requirements. The high safety requirements of today creates increased attention to additional procedures and their practical implementation on both personnel and welding equipment. Qapqa has proven its ability to manage the pipe spool construction process with multiple clients around the world.

About Qapqa

Qapqa Group, formerly known as the Magnatech Group in Dronten, The Netherlands, specializes in the design of high-quality integrated solutions for automatic pipe welding, pipeline inspection and pipe spools. Whatever we do – whether it’s in our engineering activities, our products or our services – we always strive to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Qapqa was founded in 1992, although it started under a different trade name. The company operated under the trade name ‘Magnatech’ for a long time and worked closely together with Magnatech LLC, which is the manufacturer and supplier of tube/pipeline welding products and orbital machines in the USA.

Why Qapqa?

- High and consistent quality
- Always the most efficient solution
- Over 25 years of experience with regard to pipe spools
- Active worldwide in over 80 countries

Pipe Spools job? Please contact us

Are you interested in the possibilities of pipe spools for a new or existing project? Please contact us. Our experts will look at the possibilities for your project and help you choose the most efficient solution.