Who we are

Qapqa Group in Dronten - The Netherlands, specializes in the design of high-quality integrated solutions for automatic pipe welding.

Whatever we do – whether it’s in our engineering activities, our products or our services – we always strive to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

For more than 25 years Qapqa has operated around the world. The family company has rapidly developed itself, currently in more than 80 countries, as a trusted provider of welding solutions for both fabrication applications and pipeline construction.

Qapqa, winner of a prestigious innovation award in 2017, has an excellent reputation and track record as a one-source supplier. Important added values of the company are the in-depth
knowledge and the contribution to development of local content. Qapqa has a blue-chip client base including renowned companies in the Oil & Gas industry.

The expansion with PWT marks the next step on our journey from our early days of first being mostly a supplier of orbital welding equipment and subsequently having developed turn-key welding solutions for both fabrication and pipeline construction. With PWT, we become an even more complete provider of fully integrated welding solutions using the latest automatic root-pass welding technology available on the market.

We are proud that we have fulfilled an EPC-contract successfully for a complete double-joint plant in Kazakhstan (FGP/Tengizchevroil). The plant became fully operational in the 2nd quarter of 2018.


Qapqa’s mission is to bring pipe welding quality and -efficiency to the next level.

Core Values

No matter what the circumstances are, or what happens in our environment, our core values are the basis for everything we do. They lead us in our actions with clients, colleagues and all our stake holders.

  • Integrity – we respect
    We believe that trust is a fundamental requisite for doing good business. It’s about being open, honest and respectful.
  • Responsibility – we care
    We care about what we do and for whom we do it. We take responsibility in everything we do.
  • Entrepreneurship – we act
    We believe in actions rather than words! One action is worth more than a thousand words. This way we want to contribute to our clients’ success.
  • Innovation – we improve
    We believe there is always a better way; we are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation. In order to stay relevant, we are always moving forward and we are adapting to society's changing needs.

Quality | Health | Safety | Environment

Quality is about satisfying clients’ needs and expectations and encompasses all suppply chain processes. Qapqa is ISO 9001 certified since many years. We believe that excellence in quality allows for long-term, sustainable business.

Qapqa is committed to keep its quality policy updated, to maintain its management system, and continuously improve its performance.
Health & Safety
We believe that work-related injuries and illnesses can and must be prevented. Qapqa is ISO45001 certified and attaches great importance to a safe and healthy working environment.

Qapqa seeks to promote the awareness of healthy practices among employees. First Aid Groups are organized at different locations to respond effectively in the case of emergencies. We also have introduced programs to prevent illnesses unrelated to the workplace such as: health awareness workshops, medical checks and additional clinical tests aimed at the early detection and prevention of different kinds of illnesses.

The company has implemented safety practices to encourage personnel to reduce and prevent risks. We carry out a number of actions such as hazard identification and risk assessment, implementation of safe practices, technological improvements including training and certification to raise awareness among employees.

We believe that management involvement in risk assessment to raise employees' awareness is of great importance for continuous improvement to achieve zero accidents in the workplace.
Qapqa is committed to develop a long-term sustainable business by minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and by making efficient use of natural resources and energy.

We have implemented measures to contribute to a better environment, e.g. in our facilities we use geothermal heating systems in order to achieve lower energy consumption. Qapqa is fully aligned with ISO 14001.

Qapqa commits to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements relating to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment issues to which it subscribes.


Qapqa was founded in 1992, although it started under a different trade name. The company operated under the trade name ‘Magnatech’ for a long time and worked closely together with Magnatech LLC, which is the manufacturer and supplier of tube/pipeline welding products and orbital machines in the US.

In the recent years the companies have grown apart because of a different focus. Qapqa developed itself as a provider of integrated welding solutions for both fabrication and pipeline construction. A clear example is an EPC-contract for a complete double-joint plant in Kazakhstan, which we fulfilled succesfully (FGP/Tengizchevroil).

Given the different focus and view on market developments, with respect to technology and client demand, we decided to change our company name and to continue development of our own goals and strategy, independently from Magnatech LLC.